The Drunken Drive-In Podcast

Dazed & Confused (1993) - Ranch Water

April 6, 2022

The end of the 1976 school year in a Texan small town is cause for celebration of the summer break. But first the Seniors are excited to chase the newbies, whom they may submit to merciless hazing, which for boys takes the stern-scorching form of no-nonsense spankings. However futile, attempts to escape are made, yet pointless for the members of the baseball team, which has to play that evening, before the partying, when alcohol is to anesthetize their seat-sting. Mitch Kramer becomes the prime prey after his stupid sister actually asks the boys to go easy on him, which only senior quarterback Randall "Pink" Floyd does, while senior year-repeater Fred O'Bannion adds frustration to his reputed zeal for spanking sorely sorry. With D&C we welcome our friends, Brian and Lindsey Lang!! They chose our movie and out beverage, Ranch Water. 


As always, drive safe, drink responsibly, and keep watching movies!!

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